Inflatable Guitar

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  • Items Included: :Inflatable Guitar
  • Features: :Inflatable guitar 42'' long
  • Features: :''Rock-n-Roll'' is printed on the body
  • Features: :*The guitar may be silver (as pictured) or gold

Picture this. You’re a legendary rock star. Giant puffy blond mullet, glistening in the sun. Leather pants so tight that you can’t feel your feet when you wear them. You’ve been wide awake and partying since Ronald Reagan was in the White House. You have a line of groupies longer than the Alaskan peninsula that follow you wherever you go. Your primary interests include partying all night, feeling alright on a Saturday night, and driving around Malibu in a red convertible all night. Life’s about as good as it gets.

So you book a sweet tropical cruise to party on. You’re playing your guitar and feeling alright. But much to your dismay your cruise ship hits one of those tropical icebergs you’ve been hearing about lately. Blame global warming, we don’t know. You missed the last lifeboat because you were busy doing some last minute partying during the evacuation, and now you have to swim back to land. But your guitar’s weighing you down. For the first time you can remember, you don’t feel alright. You don’t feel alright at all!

It’s right about this time you wish you’d bought our Inflatable Guitar. Made from high quality inflatable guitar materials, it’s the perfect accessory for when you have to rock but also remain buoyant. It could be silver or gold, but that doesn’t bother you at all -- in fact, both of those colors make you feel alright!

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