Evaporative Portable Air Conditioner Cooler with Filter Knob

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Performs best in hot or dry climates where humidity levels are below 50%.


Ideal for using in home office dormitory and so on.


Utilizes a superb honeycomb cooling pad that ensures a high level of cooling.

Feature 5

Removable washable filter for clean air.

Not Available For Sale Or Use in California

The indoor portable evaporative air cooler which distributes cool air through the honeycomb cooling media while the dust filter cleanses the air.

Its non-compressor system cools naturally efficiently and inexpensively without power-hungry components. This air cooler is versatile lightweight and economical. It can also be used as an air purifier because of its anion generator. The remote control allows you to easily change settings. And this air cooler could easily rolls from room to room in your house or office.

If you are looking for an air cooler like that don't hesitate to buy it.

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