Chin up Squat Stand Strength Traning Adjustable Dumbbell Rack

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This Goplus power rack which is safe and efficient is the ideal multifunctional muscle building equipment for you.


Made of square steel frame with a scratch proof powder coated finish resist rust and corrosion it is designed for long-term use. Featuring wide "walk-in" design there is plenty of side-to-side movement for a variety of exercises such as squats incline decline flat and military presses as well as shrugs and calf raises. You can train your upper back shoulder and arm muscles with the solid pull up bars on the top.

  • Attention: Bench is not included
  • Heavy duty construction: Goplus barbell rack is made of steel frame with a scratch proof powder coated finish resist rust and corrosion added extra durability and designed for long-term use. The max capacity is 440 lbs
  • 18 Holes to adjust height: There are 18 holes on the four stand columns to adjust the height of 4 support bars for different exercise requirements . And there is 2" wide distance between every two holes to precisely determine your exercise height
  • Multifunctional usage: With adjustable height of support bar it can not only help you do weight exercises at different levels as your home gym but offer a special space to your barbells
  • 2 big and 2 small bars: There is 4 support bar including 2 big and 2 small bars putting in the holes. The two longer bars can act as spreader bracket to put your barbell. And the small two can be a target height of your exercise
  • All-in-one exercise station: Your military chest back arm and legs muscles can be well trained with this all-in-one exercise equipment. And it does not occupy a large space but can act as your home gym


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