2-Way Pool Water Testing Kit

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A pH-balanced pool is a safe, long-lasting pool, so weekly check-ups are an absolute must. This 2-Way pool water testing kit from SplashTech is your first step in preventative care for your investment. High pH levels can cloud water, form scales, and irritate skin and eyes, while low pH levels can etch plaster and corrode vital metal parts of your pool's interior!

A 2-Way kit measures both the pH level of your water as well as the ppm concentration of your chosen sanitizer, either chlorine or bromine. Each kit comes with .5-ounce childproof bottles of reagent fluid, which is plenty for seasons of weekly tests, and an easy-to-read plastic tester with ideal levels for pH, CL, and BR printed right on it. For your convenience, we've included handy instructions printed directly on the lid of the kit's rugged plastic case. When you're finished with your kit, the case closes snugly and securely.

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