12 Ton H-Frame Shop Press Hydraulic Jack Stand

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  • High quality. :Brand new
  • Bolted adjustable cross beams easily raise :Lower for an ideal working distance.
  • The tables can be quickly adjusted for height.:Each includes table plates.
  • Heavy duty springs:Loaded retracting ram carriage.
  • Excellent for bending: Bonding or straightening applications.
  • UPC Code::6940350803170

This 12-ton hydraulic shop press which is of durable structure is designed for multiple uses.


Functional as it is the hydraulic shop press is well designed to remove and install bushings bearings gears ball joints universal joints pulleys and gears. Thanks to an open front and back frame design the hydraulic press makes it a simple way to straighten axles shafts and rods. Besides bolted adjustable cross beams can be raised and lowered for an ideal working distance at your call. The 12 ton bottle jack is suitable for most press jobs and will last a lifetime in the busiest shop.


The shop press which features the heavy-duty springs is excellent for bending bonding or straightening applications.

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