100 Mile 360 Rotor Outdoor Amplified Antenna Digital Adaptor

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This is the perfect solution for any rural or suburban areas.


You will be able to pick up TV signals with much better reception than with a regular fixed or rabbit ears antenna as the antenna can be aimed at any particular direction. In addition it easily and fast to install no technical knowledge needed and grabs local channels fast and clearly. Power outlet is not required outside where the antenna is mounted.


Don’t hesitate to buy it!


  • Brand new & high quality
  • Free HDTV 720p 1080p depending on broadcasting signal and your TV set
  • Reception range: Up to 100miles (please read below)
  • Built-in 360 degree motor rotor. Rotor turns both ways to prevent cable from getting tangled
  • Power : Ac15v 300ma. Motor powered by coax cable that runs from the control box to the antenna.
  • Built-in super low noise amplifier
  • High sensitivity reception
  • UL listed adapter
  • Dual TV outputs. Additional TV may be attached with a splitter
  • Housing body is weather and corrosion resistant plastic
  • Notes:
  • 1. Cannot receive FM
  • 2. Manual rotation by rotating the fixing pole(suggested) / auto rotation by the button on control box(the fixing pole is prepared by your own)
  • 3. Our antenna can only receive analog signal except digital signal
  • 4. The connection port is F
  • 5. The signal will be weak or attacked itself (no signal) if the distance between the signal tower and the antenna is less than 1 km. Please ensure the distance safely and effectively

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